Feb. 24, LiveWire Lounge

Dag here, with a brief recap of our Feb. 24 gig. We were quite happy to have been asked by the magnificent John San Juan to be a part of this bill. My personal gratitude extends even further, as John bailed me out of a kind of standard rock nightmare: the one where you're walking on stage to discover that your amplifier has decided to crap out. Everyone in the room is looking at you, your bandmates are itching to start the show, and the slow motion frenzy begins. Frantically flicking the amp on and off, checking cables, changing batteries, trying every possible thing, to no avail. The ridiculously expensive boutique amplifier, with, what, three gigs under its belt, is taking a dive? NOW? A unique tapestry of spontaneous curse word poetry is woven, and people begin checking on your well-being. And then of course, wisely and calmly, the aforementioned JSJuan offers you his already in place, road worn, solid-ass Hi-Watt amp to use. You accept, and off you go, counting off 'Questions' and never looking back.

And now, Monday night, the amp gets a new fuse, powers up and asks you how the gig went. You give it the stink eye and fling a baggie of fuses into your guitar case, lesson learned.

A good show, though, ultimately, with a number of Sunshine Boys enthusiasts in the house, including our freshly minted Fan Club President, Karen. You'll meet her soon. John's set was spot-on, featuring a number of selections from his amazing SMASHED record and mind-melting Scott Walker cover. They're a great band and we are itching to hitch our wagon to them for some more shows. And speaking of Walkers, thanks to Jason Walker for his bass amp. There was also some cutthroat pinball being played by 2/3 of the band on a Metallica pinball machine, which seemed to have artwork by Peter Bagge, or at least someone who has appropriated his signature style.

Next show is March 23, our record release! Very very limited seating, but tickets are available. Interested? Well, go ahead and email dag@sunshineboys.net for complete information. We would love to see you there. Until soon! dj

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