SUNSHINE BOYS: on the mend, on the way back, and on blue vinyl!

It's been nearly five months since we played a show, and we want to let you know that we're headed back your way soon. Freda is recovering excellently from her back surgery, and Jackie's pneumonia is all behind her now. Dag's sniffles and mild headache have not caused him further pain and suffering, if anyone cares.

 And, HEY! It's officially official: pre-ordering for the vinyl release of Blue Music is now available thanks to our friends at Cheap Kiss Records. 

We come from the age when you'd issue your record on LP and cassette, forgoing the CD because it just wasn't in the budget. Then CDs took over and LPs and cassettes were handed their walking papers. And now vinyl is back and music is free and who even knows anything about anything anymore. Go figure. But while we prepped Blue Music for CD release, we had dreamy late night chats -- cold cream on our faces, our hair in towels, drinking bottles of Coke through paper straws -- about getting it out on vinyl as well. But we took a look at our "finances" and soon resigned ourselves to the impossibility of that. 

Then out of the Blue came an email from our friend Pete Kuehl. He and his business partner Chris run an excellent online record store (also with a massive warehouse that holds periodic sales, which you should really attend), and had designs on issuing an LP under the Cheap Kiss Records banner. They'd thought about releasing some lost gem, possibly of local origin, that had never appeared on vinyl. Perhaps some long forgotten mad musical genius who was ripe for reappraisal. 

Pete, it can be told, without breaking any confidentiality agreements, was the absolute FIRST pledger when we launched our Pledge Music pre-order campaign last year. Literally the first one. He liked what he heard, and over time the Cheap Kiss LP plan evolved into making Blue Music their initial release. Incredible. We're so thankful, so blown away, and so happy that we'll get a chance to bring this out on vinyl — beautiful BLUE vinyl — after all. 

The amazing Sheila Sachs, who did the artwork for the CD, got a chance to work in her preferred 12 x 12 format, and has created a really lovely package that includes the lyrics and additional photography by Pete Keuhl (yep, same guy), David Kindler and even Jackie's sister Deb. The thing looks as good as it sounds! 

The LP will come with a download card, which entitles you to not only the entire record for your bring-along-digital-listener-device of choice, but to three exclusive tracks that do not appear on the original Blue Music release. Recorded at Stow Away Sound in Wonder Lake, these tracks were mixed and readied for release by Matt Allison. They show maybe a slower, more atmospheric side of Sunshine Boys, and will give you a little something extra to enjoy as we continue to work on songs for our follow-up LP. 

This will be an extremely limited release -- just 250 copies! For a few bucks more, we'll lavish it with our weird, spidery signatures (well, Freda's mainly. It's so consistently illegible, it's become a fun game trying to figure out just what the hell she's written) and send it your way. 

We're super excited for this, thankful to all of the people who made it happen -- which, it must be said, includes everyone who Pledged online to bring this record to life in the first place. Look for an early October release.  

Until soon, 
Dag, Freda and Jackie

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